Misted-Up Double Glazing Replacement

When your double glazing unit becomes misty, this usually means that the seal has become defective and allowed moisture to enter between the panels, causing condensation. While your initial reaction may be to completely replace the window, this is unnecessary. Danetre can simply replace the glass panels, keeping the costs as minimal as possible.

Whether the double glazing has cracked, smashed or broken, we are able to replace glass in windows and doors, completely eradicating any damage and condensation mist.

Mist Windows Before & After

Efficient Replacement of Glass Units

After conducting a full assessment of your current window size, frames and material, we will be able to draw up a custom replacement service to provide you with a brand new glass unit. As specialists in double glazing replacement, we guarantee to offer the most affordable service in the area while providing a reliable and efficient service. Once your new glass unit has been installed, Danetre will carefully dispose of your old glass, so you don’t have to worry.

Broken or Shattered Glass Replacement

In the same way that we would replace glass that had misted over, we can also safely replace double glazing that may have broken or smashed. Whether it’s due to weather conditions, vandalism or accidental damage, Danetre are able to provide the quickest broken glass replacement service in the area, keeping your double glazing safe and secure.

Glass Upgrades Available

If you are wanting to upgrade your existing glass, Danetre have a huge range of different glass types for you to choose from. From Fire Rated and Toughened Safety glass, to Acoustic or Float Pattern glass – we have something to suit all upgrade requirements and can advise you on what would most appropriately suit your needs.

Replacing Your Unit, Like for Like

Whatever the material, size or shape of your unit, Danetre Glass will offer an exact replacement, so your glass units will look exactly as they did before any damage. Our ranges cater to every house style, including modern and heritage, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that any replacement will be in-keeping to the aesthetic of your property. With every type of glass available, Danetre will replace your glass like for like as well, or provide an upgrade should you wish to do this.

10-Year Guarantee

Danetre are so confident in our products and replacement service, that we offer an amazing 10-year guarantee. Meaning that you can call on our friendly team of technicians should anything go wrong with the issue that we have repaired.

List of Common Repairs

With 15 years experience in the industry, we have repaired a huge amount of double glazing and general glass issues. These include:

  • Misted up windows
  • Replacement double glazing units
  • Conservatory glass replacement
  • Conservatory roof repairs and replacement
  • Replacing window glass
  • Patterned, toughened and fire rated glass replacements
  • Glass upgrades for windows and double glazing

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    What a Customer Has to Say

    "After I noticed my patio doors had misted up, I went to Danetre and asked for their help. They were super friendly, very professional and replaced the doors without difficulty. Great service."