What The Client Wanted

More and more of our clients are discovering the huge impact a simple front door replacement can have on the aesthetic of their home exterior. Recently, we have found many of our clients are replacing the white UPVC doors that many houses are built with, with a composite door. In particular, the black composite door continues to grow in popularity as was evident in this project completed by Danetre Glass earlier this year.

With general wear and tear and weather impacted deterioration, the white UPVC door had begun to look tattered and was effecting the look of the house exterior. After viewing our full range of composite doors in a series of styles and colours, the client selected this charcoal black composite door with sleek chrome details including handle, letterbox and knocker. The door also features two glass panels with diamond details. The Danetre Glass team removed the previous white UPVC door and replaced it with the stunning new composite door. The combination of the black door with the chrome detailing creates a chic, modern and clean look for the home that elevates curb appeal immediately. More benefits of the door include high security and the maintenance of heat that ensures the home is secure and warm all year round!

If your front door has become tattered, is bringing down the look of your home or is letting in draughts, it may be time to consider an update. With our huge selection of composite, UPVC and aluminium doors, we are sure we have the perfect door for your home. Whether it is front, back, side, patio or conservatory, we have a wide range of doors to complete your house. Get in touch with us today for a free quote and find out how we can help you.

Project Pictures

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