Durable Glass Doors

Maintain high quality while incorporating a touch of elegant contemporary style into your property with our range of stunning glass doors. Our team can help you to design a bespoke made to measure glass door that fits seamless on your property for an effortless professional feel.

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Seamless Doors Designs

Ensuring that your property looks and feels professional is extremely important when it comes to a commercial premises, which is why we provide a range of leading glass doors. Through our many years of experience, we can help you to design products that perfectly match the aesthetics of your property. Glass doors are a fantastic product to add to your property, as they incorporate an abundance of style while providing an easy to maintain solution. In addition to the easy maintenance, our glass doors are also made using the highest quality materials to ensure that your property is safe in terms of security and reducing accidents. For example, you can choose toughened glass for your glass doors, which shatter into small fragments, minimising the risk of injury. You can also choose to incorporate fire rated glass to enhance the safety of your property, making it safe in the event of a fire.

Where To Install Glass Doors

Our glass doors look stunning as exterior and interior doors and with the multiple glass options available, it means that you can incorporate your products almost anywhere. We highly recommend our glass doors for interior use as office doors, doors in hallways and much more. Take a look below at just some of the places that our clients install their glass doors:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Private offices
  • Dividing office space
  • Hallway doors
  • Doors to a staircase

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Our team are extremely proud to have provided clients with outstanding customer care and products. To ensure that we maintain this high level of quality, we provide only leading, reliable and durable products in the industry, ensuring that clients can enjoy their products for many years to come.

Years Of Experience

We have over 15 years of experience under our belt, and can provide you with expert advice and knowledge.

Accredited Team

To ensure that you feel confident in your decision, our team are fully accredited in designing and installing products.

Friendly Service

Our team wants to ensure that every project runs smoothly while providing customer care you can always rely on.

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What Our Previous Clients Say

"We have been renovating our office for a while now and wanted something special to finish it off. We have worked with Danetre in the past and always found them to be really helpful, so we asked them what would be the best solution. They told us that glass doors would look excellent in our property and make it feel zoned without blocking out light and completely hiding people away in their office spaces. There were no issues at all with design and installation, and the team worked very quickly and efficiently to get the job done."