Strong & Durable Aluminium Windows

Aluminium continues to be one of the leading materials for window designs, and it is no surprise considering it offers a range of benefits, including enhancing style through stunning colour options that last for many years to come.

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Affordable & Highly Customisable Solutions

Style and quality will always be your first thoughts when designing your window, and that’s why, here at Danetre Glass, we only provide the highest quality materials. Our aluminium window range has been designed to provide you with the style requirements you envisioned, with the additional benefit of one of the most durable and reliable materials. Aluminium can withstand the test of time, meaning that the colour you choose will remain vibrant with little maintenance required. This makes it an exceptional alternative to other frame materials such as timber. Additionally, aluminium offers excellent security through its strong properties, which can further be enhanced through double glazing and toughened glass.

Our Aluminium Windows

Danetre Glass can help you to design a window that incorporates aluminium, ensuring that every aspect of your products suit your property and requirements. Take a look below at the range of aluminium designs that we offer, and contact the team if you require additional information.