Our Aluminium Bay Windows

When designing your aluminium bay windows with the team, you can enjoy an abundance of style and versatility. Our aluminium windows are virtually maintenance-free, meaning that you can enjoy vibrant colour and stunning aesthetics for many years to come without having to tediously care for the frame.

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A Durable & Elegant Style

A bay window can add ample natural light into your living space through the multiple window panes that make up the curved structure of the window. If you are looking to add a stunning statement piece onto your property, then a bay window is the perfect addition, with multiple design and customisable options to make it your own. A bay window is commonly found on traditional homes, but with the new modern designs now available, the bay window has become extremely popular for new builds, incorporating a stunning bay window to add character and personality. Not only can you enjoy an abundance of style when incorporating our bay windows onto your property, but you can also reap the multitude of benefits that come with the high-quality aluminium used for the frame. The aluminium can provide up to 20 years of durability while allowing you to enjoy the contemporary aesthetic.

What’s Included In Our Aluminium Bay Windows?

Style is everything when it comes to windows, but thinking about quality, durability, and strength is also key when looking for a material to use for your new bay windows. We have a range of bay window designs that incorporate ample style while also providing you with protection and long-lasting solutions. Just some of the benefits of incorporating our high-quality aluminium onto your home includes:

Police Backed Security

Our aluminium frames have been backed by the police, ensuring that you have a safe home.

Weather Tight Seals

No matter the weather outside, your home will be protected from the elements with high-quality seals.

Slim & Lightweight Frame

Our durable and slim frames make aluminium bay windows the perfect solution for a contemporary feel.

Creating A Colourful Home

You can find a host of colour options when working with the Danetre Glass team to design the perfect set of windows. From contemporary colours such as whites and greys, to more vibrant and personalised colours such as reds and greens, you can find the perfect colour for your window frame. As our bay windows come with aluminium frames, it means that whatever colour you choose will last for many years to come.

Slate Grey

Jet Black

Anthracite Grey

7021M Black Grey

Dark Silver Metallic

Dual Colour

Window Glass Options

After choosing one of the most durable window frames available, you want to make sure that the glass supports and enhances the strength and security of the aluminium frame. Here at Danetre Glass, we understand that alongside style, safety is a main priority when it comes to designing windows, which is why we provide double glazing and triple glazing. Just some of the multiple benefits that you can enjoy with our high-quality glazing include the following:

  • Increases security
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Minimises interior damage
  • Lowers chances of condensation
  • Increases property value

Complement Your Design With Handles

Every aspect of your new windows can be customised to suit your requirements, including the handles. You can choose from chrome, gold finish and more when working with the Danetre Glass team. Our team will help you to find the perfect handle for your window, matching the frame colour, the style of the bay window you have chosen and your interior design.

Why Choose Us?

Danetre Glass had many years of working on commercial and domestic properties, enhancing style, security and durability through the use of high-quality products. We have two main aims when working with every client; provide only the best of the best materials and styles, and ensure that you have customer care second to none. The team will always work with you until you find a product that brings your vision to life, providing inspiration and advice to aid your decision.

Over 15 Years Experience

With an abundance of experience, our team has the skills and knowledge to help transform your property.

Multiple Design Options

Every home is unique, which is why we offer many styles and multiple customisable options.

Premium Quality

Our aluminium windows are made with premium materials, ensuring that you have the best security and finish.

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What Our Previous Clients Say

"Such a fantastic team to work with! They knew exactly what I was looking for and made me aware of the different materials that I could use. I went with aluminium because they said it would suit my home more, and the frames are slim, so they can fit beautifully into the property without protruding. The window looks absolutely fantastic, and we are so in love with the finish."