Our uPVC Flush Fit Windows

A flush-fit window sits flush against the wall, fitting seamlessly into the frame to create a smooth transition. Here at Danetre Glass, we offer our flush fit windows in two different designs; sliding sash and casement, with our casement range being extremely popular for their contemporary style.

Types of uPVC Flush Fit Windows

To give you the best choice for your windows, we provide two different styles of flush-fit windows, making it exceptionally easy for you to find a design that matches your property style. Our team can help you to pick a style from our sliding sash and casement range, using your properties architecture and your requirements as a guide.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are most popular on period style homes due to their timeless and elegant design. For a seamless design that looks beautiful on your property, we suggest incorporating a plain glass pane into the flush frame. However, you can choose decorative glass panes such as a diamond design to add character.

Casement Windows

For those with contemporary or modern homes, casement flush fit windows are most popular, as they offer a stunning and simplistic style of window while providing beautiful elegance. The windows fit seamlessly into the frame for a flush finish, offering a soft and delicate touch to your property.

Matching Your Style With Colour

The colour of your windows can have a significant impact on how your home looks and feels, which is why we offer a wide selection of window frame colours. When designing your products with the Danetre Glass team, you can choose from a range of stunning finishes, beautifully complementing your property.

White & White Foil

Cream & Cream Foil

Chartwell Green

7016 Grey


Irish Oak

Golden Oak



Glazing & Glass Customisation

After spending time with the team designing your perfect window frame, from styles to colours, it is then time to think about the glazing options that you can choose from. All of our windows are now made with at least double glazing, which provides you with the perfect balance between style and energy-efficiency. Double glazing consists of a layer of argon gas surrounded by two glass panes, making it harder for heat to escape the property and for the cold to enter. Increasing thermal capabilities and therefore reducing energy bills is not the only benefit to having double glazing, as you can also take advantage of the following:

  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Increases security
  • Minimises condensation
  • Reduces interior damage

Adding Character With Tailored Handles

Here at Danetre Glass, we aim to provide you with a wide selection of customisable options, which is why we offer an abundance of handle options with our flush fit windows. You can find a host of stunning designs suitable for traditional and modern homes, making it exceptionally easy to piece together your desired window.

Why Choose Us?

From being fully accredited to having years of experience providing clients with high-quality designs, products and installation, Danetre Glass has become a reputable business for those looking to transform their home. Through our wide collection of window products and an abundance of knowledge to help to piece together your windows, bringing your vision to life couldn’t be easier.

High-Quality Products

All of our products are of the highest-quality, ensuring that you can enjoy vibrant windows and durable solutions for many years to come.

Leading Manufactures

We only use leading manufactures in the industry, providing you with the best of the best, no matter the product.

Multiple Options

With years of experience, we know that having a wide variety helps you to find the product you have been dreaming of.

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What Our Previous Clients Say

"I am so happy that we decided to go with Danetre Glass for our window design and installation. The team are so lovely to work with, and they have done an absolutely amazing job of installing our windows. They look fantastic, and we honestly could not be happier with the results."