With the front door being the first thing any guest will see when arriving at your home, you want to make a good impression. The colour of your door can be a great reflection of your personality and indicate the ambience inside your home. So, if you want an answer to the question ‘What does your front door colour say about you?’ then keep on reading.

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What Does Your Front Door Colour Say About You? Here’s All You Need To Know

The colour of your front door may seem like an insignificant detail, but colour symbolism plays a huge role in how others will perceive you and your home. Although we may not realise it, colours have the ability to affect our mood and emotions in a big way. It is for this reason that many companies take a considerable amount of time to decide on their branding colours as it has a direct impact on how consumers view their products and services. The power of colour is undeniable as certain colours have been known to raise blood pressure, increase metabolism and even cause eyestrain if you look at them for long enough.

Having fitted hundreds of doors in Northampton, we know exactly how much of an impact your front door can have on the entire aesthetic of your home. With this in mind, you will want to carefully consider the colour of your front door and ensure it reflects you and your home perfectly. So, without further delay, take a look at the various door colours you can have and the meaning behind them.

blue door


Being closely associated with the sky and sea, the colour blue is linked to open spaces, freedom and expansiveness. In fact, according to pro.com, those who have a blue front door enjoy peace and value truth. Moreover, colour psychology claims blue is beneficial for the mind as it evokes feelings of calmness and serenity. Being the world’s favourite colour, blue is an excellent choice for your front door as those who enter your home will experience feelings of safety, security and stability – your home automatically becomes a safe haven. However, if you are seriously considering painting your front door blue but want to create good Feng Shui in your home, you need to consider the direction your door faces. If you have a west-facing door, you may want to avoid using blue as the feng shui element of the west direction is metal. This means colours such as white and grey will work best in this direction. On the other hand, blue would be more suited to a door facing southeast or North as these areas are associated with wealth and harmonious energy. If you think a different colour may be more appropriate for your front door, then don’t panic as there are so many other ways you can use blue in your home!

yellow door


Being the colour of sunshine, yellow produces a warming effect which is associated with joy, happiness and good energy. If used on your front door, this optimistic colour suggests you are a happy and welcoming host. As the most visible colour on the spectrum, a yellow front door guarantees to capture attention and give people a lasting impression of your home. The cross-cultural differences with the connotations of the colour yellow mean it is a fairly controversial colour. For example:

  • In France and Germany yellow signifies jealously, betrayal and contradiction. In fact, in the 10th century, French people painted the doors of criminals yellow.
  • Closely resembling gold, yellow is reserved only for the people who are ranked highly in African nations. As it is associated with gold, which is what Egyptians used to paint mummies and tombs, the colour yellow can also symbolise mourning.
  • As a pledge of courage to the emperor in Japan and the royal family at the time, warriors used to wear yellow chrysanthemums. Since then yellow is linked to bravery and refinement in Japanese culture.
  • In Thai culture, yellow is the lucky colour for Monday. Yellow was even considered the most important shade of the week because it represented the reigning King of Thailand, who was born on December 5th 1927 – a Monday. To pay tribute to the King, some schools even required all teachers to wear yellow during the first week of December.

As yellow is quite a bold colour, it can be very overpowering, and you really don’t want to overdo it with your front door. To help, The Spruce has devised a handy guide detailing 8 eye-catching yellow front door ideas which will give you the inspiration you need to give your front door the ultimate makeover.

black door


Our extensive range of doors in Oxford are available in a variety of different colours, including black. The colour has a number of connotations, namely: power, elegance, death and mystery. However, just like the famous Number 10 Downing Street, a black door suggests you have an orderly home and are very much in control. Oozing authority, sophistication and wealth, a black front door also indicates that you are a cultured individual who is always prepared and ambiguous. As black is one of the most elegant colours on the spectrum, a black front door can act as a good indication of your interior design style. Many homeowners decorate their property using a monochromatic colour scheme as it is classic, minimalistic and harmonious. Black can be seen as a very intense colour if overused, which deters many people from experimenting with it in their home. However, when paired with pastels or other complementary colours, black can completely transform your home into a contemporary and chic sanctuary.

red door


Those with a red door are considered to be very hospitable, traditional and passionate. Throughout history in various locations across the world, there have been many connotations of a red door, such as:

    • America

In early American times, doors which were painted red acted as a ‘Welcome’ sign for travellers. If a traveller was passing by and saw a house with a red door, they knew they could use that house for a night’s sleep, a meal or just to stop and rest their horses.

    • China

In Chinese culture, red is one of the most popular colours as it symbolises luck. The Feng Shui philosophy is adopted by many Chinese people, meaning red doors play a huge role. Those who follow the beliefs of Feng Shui will know that the front door is considered the mouth of the home. So, with this in mind, it is believed that red doors effectively create welcoming energy.

    • Scotland

For those living in Scotland, a red door signifies pride as many homeowners will paint their door red after paying off their mortgage.

    • Ireland

Ever heard of the brightly coloured Doors of Dublin? Well, there are some very interesting stories as to how they came to be. The most popular story involves famous writers George Moore and Oliver St. John Gogarty. As neighbours, Gogarty had a tendency of stumbling home drunk and knocking on Moore’s door instead of his own. To prevent any future confusion, Moore took it upon himself to paint his door green. In retaliation, Gogarty is said to have then painted his own door red! From then on, it was a domino effect, which resulted in the large number of coloured doors existent in Dublin today.

There is also another legend that claims the Doors of Dublin came to be after England had ordered Irish citizens to paint their doors black in mourning for the death of Queen Victoria. The Irish are said to have rebelled and painted their doors using bright colours instead.

white door


White is one of the most common front door colours, and it signifies sterility, cleanliness and simplicity. Often thought to be the colour of perfection, a white door is ideal if you want to send out a message that you are organised and neat. If you are a fan of contemporary, minimalist interior design, a white front door would also compliment this perfectly and give your home a coherent theme. If you are undecided as to what colour your door should be, white is always a great, safe option. Whether you have a modern property or a traditional house, a white door will not look out of place, unlike some other bolder colour might. As well as being stunning when used for your exterior, white is also an excellent colour to use throughout your interior. For the best results when it comes to incorporating white into your home, take a look at these dos and don’ts of decorating a white interior.

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