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As specialists in domestic and commercial installations, Danetre Glass promise to provide conservatories, windows and doors in Banbury of the highest quality. Our highly skilled professionals work to the latest industry standards, ensuring an impeccable service at all times.

10-Year Guarantee On Projects

We're committed to client care, so provide a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Double Glazing Banbury

Here at Danetre Glass, we always drive to make sure that each and every product we design and install is of the highest quality and provides the property owner with multiple benefits. To make sure that we are able to achieve this, our team designs products with high-quality double glazing in Banbury. This means that no matter the product, whether it is a new set of windows or a bespoke conservatory, you can reap the multitude of benefits that come alongside double glazing. The reason double glazing is installed into your product is because it can improve thermal efficiency, meaning that your energy bills will be lowered, and you can enjoy a comfortable home all year round. This is achieved through the two panes of glass and layer of argon gas that form the double-glazed product, insulating your home for many years to come. As specialists in glass products, our team can also replace your existing single glazing or outdated double glazing with our high-quality and durable glazing options. You can tell if your window glass requires an update as it will become misted when the inside of your home is much warmer than the outside.

Front Doors

uPVC doors from Danetre Glass hold up even in the harshest environments, ensuring that your products can withstand the test of time, which is why you can choose uPVC as your front door material when working with our team. Choose from our stunning and vast range of front doors in Banbury to enhance your home, from a traditional design to a more modern and contemporary feature. You can choose from a wide selection of additional features, such as bar handles, patterned glass and much more. You can also incorporate door numbers and letterboxes into your design, making sure that every aspect of your product caters to your requirements. As well as our uPVC products, you can also choose to design your front door with our composite designs. Our composite doors are extremely durable, making them excellent solutions for a safe and secure home. Intertwined into our front door products are advanced inter-locking systems to increase home security for many years.


Our affordable and secure windows can be designed to fit with any house style, using our comprehensive range of windows in Banbury. To make sure that you can find a design that beautifully complements your property, we have a range of styles that you can choose from. For example, our tilt and turn windows are extremely popular with modern homeowners, looking to create an impact while enjoying modern features. Alternatively, our sliding sash windows are perfect for incorporating character onto any home, adding a touch of traditional flair with advanced and high-quality materials. As well as designs, you can also choose from a range of colours to enhance the design you have chosen, such as creams and whites or greys and blacks. Having worked with many clients to help transform their homes over the years, our team have the experience and skills to help you choose and design a window that best matches your vision, including customisable features to make it your own.


Many homeowners are now looking to increase the value of their home while enjoying additional space, which is why our conservatories in Banbury have become so popular. Our team can help you to design a conservatory that is completely bespoke to you, including all of the designs, colours and features of your choosing. For example, you could incorporate a stunning French door onto your design, matching the traditional character of your home or adding personality to a new build. We have a range of conservatory styles for you to choose from, making it exceptionally easy for you to find a design that best matches your style. For example, for a traditional touch, we recommend taking a look at our Victorian and Edwardian style conservatories. These two styles offer tones of character through the intricate details, all made to measure for your requirements. Alternatively, you can opt for our lean-to designs or our conservatory tiled roofs in Banbury for a more modern essence. Whether you have a conservatory in mind or would like to find out more about how you can design your bespoke new home addition, please feel free to contact the team.

Our Most Popular Products

Window Repair

Offering an extensive list of repairs and maintenance in Banbury, Danetre Glass are fully equipped to ensure that all of your windows and doors are always kept in full working order. Instead of fully replacing your windows, which can be extremely expensive, the Danetre Glass team can help you to find a cost-effective solution through professional and experienced window repair in Banbury. For example, reducing energy bills and making sure that your home or office is nice and warm during the winter period and cool in the summer has just been made easy with our high-quality and durable double-glazing repair in Banbury. Additionally, we also offer door repair in Banbury, complete by our professional team. Whether your hinges have begun to rust, or you find that your door no longer functions as the safety feature you require, it may not mean that you need a replacement. To find out if you can benefit from repairs, speak with the team today.

uPVC Windows & Doors

One of the most durable and reliable products that you can install onto your property comes from uPVC. uPVC is extremely popular with our clients as it offers a range of benefits that take the hassle out of maintenance. For example, all you need is some warm soapy water to wash down your windows, and there is no painting required as your uPVC comes in a range of stunning colours to complement your home. When enlisting the help of our professional team to design your uPVC windows in Banbury, you can also enjoy the addition of double glazing to maintain a warm home. To enhance your new windows even further, our team can also help to design the perfect uPVC doors in Banbury to elevate your window design to ensure that your home matches your requirements and style. Our uPVC doors come with interlocking systems that increase the durability and security of the uPVC material, offering one of the most reliable products available.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

Strength can also be found in our range of aluminium products, perfect for adding a contemporary touch to your property. You can find a whole host of aluminium windows in Banbury that suit your style, such as our stunning French aluminium windows that match perfectly with our French doors. You can also find casement style aluminium windows in a thin frame for an effortless and elegant touch to your property. As well as specialising in windows, our team can also help you to design statement aluminium doors in Banbury, incorporating features of your choice to bring your dream product to life. When working with our team to design your aluminium doors, you can choose from a wide selection of styles, including front doors and back doors. Our back door range includes patio doors, the modern bi-fold door design and much more. If you are interested in finding out more about our aluminium window and door range, then please do not hesitate to get into contact with our team.

The Benefits of Danetre Glass Products

Whether you own a home or a business in Banbury, Danetre Glass has an extensive list of services guaranteed to enhance your property. Our specialist commercial technicians are able to advise you on an array of products that could benefit your company. From fitting an aluminium shopfront to installing fire rated glass, Danetre can ensure that your office is kept completely safe while always looking its best. As a residential homeowner, you may want to add much-needed space in the form of a conservatory or upgrade the front of your home with new, stylish glass windows and doors in Banbury. Both of these, plus much more, are well within our means. Get in touch today to find out more about all of the fantastic services we have to offer.

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"I needed some partitioning walls to create a private meeting space in the office. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was doable due to the lack of space, but Danetre Glass came up with a range of options for me to choose from. The final glass partition walls have completely transformed the office and made it look so much more professional. Thank you!"

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