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For the most durable and stylish conservatories, windows and doors in Leamington Spa, begin designing your vision with the Danetre Glass team. We guarantee to install a secure product that promises to be energy efficient and completely transform your home in the process.

Our Products Are Fully Customisable

From the colour and material to the handles, our products can be personalised to fit your vision.

Double Glazing Leamington Spa

When working with the Danetre Glass team to design your products, you can enjoy high quality throughout, from the material of the frames to the glazing of the glass. We use double glazing in Leamington Spa to make sure that your product not only looks stylish and modern but also provides you with increased thermal efficiency for a warmer, more comfortable home. No matter the product you are designing, our team will install double glazing to enhance your products capabilities, from conservatories to windows and doors. As well as installing double glazing into all of our products, our experienced team can also lend a helping hand to repair your double glazing should it break or become damaged. There are many signs that can indicate that your double-glazing needs replacing, such as misting of the windows. Repairing the glazing rather than replacing the entire product can help you to save money, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of double glazing while lowering your costs.

Front Doors

Transforming your home has just been made easy with the Danetre Glass team, ensuring that you have the highest quality products and professional experience when booking in for design and installation services. For this reason, our front doors in Leamington Spa are second to none, transforming the entrance of your home and adding a statement piece that brings a new lease of life to the property. Included in design options are multiple styles, such as incorporating glass panels to allow natural light to enter the hallway, or adding numerals and matching handles of your choosing. Our front doors are also made from aluminium or uPVC, depending on your preference, which means that you can enjoy vibrant colour for many years without having to worry about maintenance. As well as the multiple style options for you to customise your product, our doors are also installed with advanced locking systems. You can protect your home with a state-of-the-art locking system that enhances the secure benefits of the materials we use here at Danetre Glass.


From uPVC to aluminium, our windows in Leamington Spa come in an extensive range of colours and styles to suit your requirements. The team can either help you to match your windows to your new front door, or create a design that mimics your existing window, whether that be in style, colour or material. This is beneficial to those living in listed or graded properties, as Danetre Glass can design a product that replicates your windows while utilising uPVC, so you can enjoy both traditional character and modern materials. Our team can help you to design windows from many of our style choices, helping you to find the perfect solution to match your homes personality and personal style. For example, our sliding sash windows look stunning on period homes, while our casement windows add a modern touch to new builds. Finding a solution to match your design and comfort needs couldn’t be easier when working with our professional and experienced team.


There is nothing quite like relaxing in a brand-new conservatory that is completely tailored to your requirements. The ample natural light that enters our conservatories in Leamington Spa makes it ideal for relaxing in after a long day of work. To make sure that your conservatory remains nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer, we install double glazing to make sure that the space remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, meaning that you can enjoy your conservatory no matter the season. Alternatively, if you wish to further enhance the thermal capabilities of your conservatory, then we recommend speaking with our team about our conservatory tiled roofs in Leamington Spa. A tiled roof can add a modern touch to your existing conservatory, pairing the old detail of Edwardian and Victorian style conservatories with more contemporary and modern designs. If your conservatory is old and requires a roof replacement, or you would like to know more about our wide collection of conservatory styles, please feel free to give our team a call.

Our Most Popular Products

Window Repair

From defective door locks and hinges to cat flap installation and misted glass, Danetre Glass offers a broad range of professional repairs and maintenance in Leamington Spa, keeping your windows, doors and glass always looking their best. Danetre Glass technicians with years of experience in the design and installation industry are always on hand to help repair broken or damaged windows. Our window repair in Leamington Spa is designed to lower costs and increase efficiency. As well as broken seals, double glazing can, over time, become defective. The main benefit of double glazing is that it can have a great impact on increasing your home or office thermal capabilities. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you install, protect and repair your double glazing in Leamington Spa. Additional, security is also of great importance, so when your door hinges become rusted, and your locking system no longer functions for your safety needs, it is vital to book in for door repairs in Leamington Spa. With years of experience and expert hands, you can swiftly and easily repair your products.

uPVC Windows & Doors

A popular material choice for windows and doors is uPVC, and it is no surprise considering it offers exceptional benefits from style to security. When designing your uPVC windows in Leamington Spa, you have the opportunity to choose from multiple styles of windows. For example, you can enjoy the detail of a sliding sash window that adds ample traditional character to your property. Alternatively, you can add a modern touch to your home with tilt and turn windows or our stunning casement style windows, all of which can be customised with colours of your choice. As well as replacing your windows with uPVC alternatives, why not also consider designing uPVC doors in Leamington Spa? You can choose from a wide selection of door styles, including front doors, French doors and patio doors. You can even pair your door style and colour to your property’s windows creating the perfect coherent design for your property. Find out more about our window selection by contacting our team today, who will also discuss customisable options with you.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

Having worked in the glass, windows and doors industry for many years, we understand that style, functionality, and security are all things that clients look for in their products. To be able to cater to these needs, our team can provide you with not only uPVC products but also aluminium windows and doors. Our aluminium windows in Leamington Spa come in various sizes, styles and thickness, making it exceptionally easy for you to design a product that matches your requirements. There are multiple benefits to having our windows and aluminium doors in Leamington Spa, all of which you can take advantage of when working with our team. Being able to fully customise your products is one of the biggest advantages, as it allows you to create a design that best suits your requirements. As well as this, you can also reap the benefits of the strong aluminium material. This strength enhances the security of your home, making it feel safer, which is then elevated by the advanced locking systems integrated into the design.

The Benefits of Danetre Glass Products

Here at Danetre, we pride ourselves on offering the most efficient service in the area. Our customers in Leamington Spa continue to return to us, for all of their residential and commercial needs, and our team will always go above and beyond to lend them a professional helping hand. We are able to help with glass windows and doors in Leamington Spa, bespoke mirrors or new bi-fold doors, for example, as well as more structural needs, including brand new shop fronts, double glazing units and office partitions. Our list of services is endless, so contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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"My front door had become very rickety, so I asked Danetre Glass to come and quote me for a new one. After their inspection, they advised me that rather than forking out for a brand new door, they could simply replace the hinges and carry out repair work. I was so grateful for their honest service and the money they saved me."

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