Replacing the windows on your home is a big investment, and therefore, takes a lot of time and consideration to find the perfect replacement. While they may be a costly investment to make, they can dramatically improve the aesthetics and comfort of your property. To enhance this comfort, one of the most important things to consider is what type of glazing you opt for, as this can impact how efficient and effective your windows are. In fact, double-glazing is one of the most sought after properties of windows, with homeowners all across the world replacing tired single-glazed windows with new and improved technology. It is no surprise that these homeowners are investing their money in good quality glazing, as the benefits of double glazing are endless.

Your Guide To The Benefits Of Double Glazing

When looking for windows in Daventry and the surrounding areas, the first thing you will need to do is weigh up the pros and cons of each material and glazing. Much like you would analyse uPVC vs timber window frames, you should look closely at how double glazing can have a positive impact on your home. Pairing your choice of window frames with double glazing will allow you to reap the following benefits:

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1. Increases Insulation

Double glazing works by trapping a layer of argon gas inside two panels of glass. Argon gas has a low thermal conductivity, which results in the gas being able to trap heat inside the two panels of glass. This works towards your advantage, as the argon gas stops heat from escaping the home, while also preventing heat from entering in the warmer months. By utilising this on your windows, you can benefit from a warmer home in the winter, and a cooler home in the summer.

Most older properties have single glazing unless the owners have invested in new windows within more recent years. If you own a period home, then we would highly recommend you consider having double glazing installed, as this can dramatically increase your properties thermal ability, making it feel considerable warmer. The great thing about double glazing is that it can be installed into various forms of window materials, allowing you to replace windows with ones that look exactly the same but are more advanced. If you require some more insulation ideas, then head over to Money Aware for some more advice and solutions.

Luckily, for those living in new builds that are popping up all over the UK, new government regulations mean that building companies have to comply with rules on window efficiency. New builds are built with energy-efficient windows of at least a C grade, which is the standard lowest rating most good quality windows will be. In simple terms, the energy efficiency rating goes from A++ (the highest rating a window can be) to E (the lowest rating a window can be), the higher the rating the window is, the more expensive it is likely to be. However, it can be well worth the money if you can stretch to around £20 more per window to jump from C grade to A++ grade. You can find out more about how much this will cost you and how to choose your window grade on Energy Saving Trust.

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2. Reduces Noise Pollution

Much like insulating your home, argon gas also has qualities in reducing noise exiting and entering the property. This is ideal for those that live near to a road or within a busy city with lots of noise. The noise has three layers that it needs to travel through before reaching the other side, making it harder for you to hear the outside world and for the neighbours to hear your conversations. Not only does this add to the comfort of living, but it can also add a layer of privacy for you and your family. RJ Acoustics has some other great ways to reduce the level of noise inside your home, and we would highly recommend taking a look and considering a few options.

3. Improves Aesthetics

The appearance of your home can say a lot about your personality and style, and changing windows is one of the main ways homeowners enhance their property. With the vast amount of window options, you’ll never fall short of choice in design, colour and style. If you are looking for something new, then you can pick from various different colours, or for those that wish to keep the appearance of their home but improve its qualities, then materials and colours can be perfectly matched to your existing windows.

The great thing about double glazing is that it can be incorporated into pretty much any window frame material, making it easier for you to find a style and colour best suited to your preference and property. To help you determine what type of window to pair with your double glazing, here is all you need to know about the different window types and materials:

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Window Styles

There are an abundance of different window styles that can help you to elevate your property. Some of these styles are best suited for families with older children and others for those with younger family members for safety reasons. You can choose from the following:

  • Casement – As one of the most common forms of window style in the UK, casement windows boast elegance and sophistication. The windows are attached to its frame via one or more hinges and can be bottom, top or side hung depending on your preference.
  • Sliding Sash – Perfect for adding definition to your home through window design, the sliding sash windows can be incorporated into any modern and period homes. The window works by pulling the lower half up or pulling the panel to one side (this option is mostly used for patio doors).
  • Tilt & Turn – In more recent years, the tilt and turn style window has become increasingly popular with its multiple locking systems making them safe and secure. These windows can be opened in two ways; tiling vertically and swinging inwards horizontally.

Window Materials

The material you opt for on your windows can enhance the benefits you gain from installing double glazing, so it is important to think about the type of material you use. Not only this, but it can also limit you on the style and colour you wish to achieve, as some materials look better in particular styles. Here are the main window frame materials:

  • uPVC – This material is one of the most affordable and durable types you can invest in. The material can be used for various different styles, comes in a multitude of colours and is long-lasting
  • Fiberglass – A recognisable quality of fiberglass is its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, which is more than ideal for UK homes.
  • Aluminium – This material is most often used for windows that are from floor to ceiling as the aluminium is incredibly strong. Aluminium also doesn’t wear in sunlight and is extremely durable.
  • Timber – If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option then timber is going to be your best bet, especially if you opt for locally sourced timber.

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4. Reduces Energy Bills

Because of the great insulation properties discussed above, it is likely that you can reduce your energy bills. As the heat stays trapped inside the home during the winter, you can turn down the heating a couple of degrees, which can save you a significant amount of money. In fact, according to Which?, around 51% of those looking to install double glazing hope that it will improve the warmth within their home, while 44% bought double glazing to reduce their energy bills. This goes to show that double glazing tends to be at the forefront of many homeowners to-do list when looking for ways to reduce their energy bills.

Other ways you can reduce your energy bills alongside installing good quality double glazed windows include:

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5. Increases Your Property Value

According to Build, double glazing can add around 10% onto the value of your property. This is a staggering amount of money when the average UK home sells for around £280,000, meaning you could see £28,000 or more being added on to the asking price for your property. Furthermore, because the house prices are continuously rising, it means that many potential buyers are looking for homes where they can spend as little as possible doing it up. Having double glazed windows will increase the interest of potential buyers, as they know the chances of them having to replace the windows is slim. Property Price Advice has some other useful tips on how to increase your property value and kerb appeal before putting it onto the market

6. Eco-Friendly Option

Along the same lines as reducing your energy bill, installing double glazing is an eco-friendly solution to your problems. Because you will be reducing your energy consumption, it means that you will use fewer fossil fuels to run your home. Effectively, this will help to protect our planet from further and future damage, which has become a pressing concern for many. Take a quick look at our previous article for more advice on how to make your home more eco-friendly!

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7. Reduces Condensation

The way in which the double glazing windows works, means that condensation forming on the inside or outside on your window is extremely unlikely. This will also means that experiencing rust on your windows due to water build-up is also unlikely. The reason this happens is because the inside glass panel will remain at the temperature inside your home, while the outside panel will remain cold or warm depending on the temperature outside. The result of this means that the warmer air doesn’t hit a cold surface, which will inevitably cause condensation to occur. By having double glazing, you reduce this risk of condensation and can, therefore, improve the chances of your windows withstanding the test of time.

8. Increases Security

Double glazing increases the security of your home simply because it is thicker and, therefore, harder for someone to break the glass and into your home. If your windows look as though they will be harder to break through, then it is likely that a burglar is going to look elsewhere. To improve the security on your home, we would always advise clients looking for both windows and conservatories in Rugby and the surrounding areas to accompany their double glazing with integrated locking systems. These systems are advanced and provide an extra level of security, ensuring that even if someone were to attempt to break into your home, your windows would prevent them from being successful.

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Reap The Benefits of Double Glazing

Not only can double glazing improve the aesthetics of your home, but they can also save a considerable amount of money in the long run. While they may be a little more expensive to install, they are well worth the investment, offering reduced energy bills and more. Here at Danetre Glass, we aim to help our clients make the right investment for their property, showcasing a wide range of materials and styles suited to their requirements. If you are looking for reputable, durable and reliable windows, then please feel free to contact the team for more information.

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